Find My Perfect Fit Kit Product

We have a range of products all designed to help you effortlessly recover and bounce back from your next training, sports or fitness session.

Get started by using the table below to find the Fit Kit product that’s perfect for you. If you can’t decide try one of these (link to Ultimate)


Muscle Cooling Shower Gel

  • Strength training
  • Long runs

Soothing muscle relief

Peppermint Oil & Charcoal

Clear Breathing Shower Gel

  • Swimming
  • Hot workouts

Clears nasal congestion

Eucalyptus & Lemon

Body Recovery Shower Gel

  • High impact sport
  • Yoga

Loosens tired bodies

Magnesium & Sauna Oil

Gentle Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Relief from sweat and chlorine

Strengthens and moisturises hair

Magnesium & Sauna Oil

Max Grip Hand Sanitiser

  • Mat work
  • Weights room

More hand grip and less stick

Magnesium & Sauna Oil

Good For You and the Planet

We only use natural and kind to your body ingredients. All products are certified PETA Cruelty-free and vegan. And we’re doing our bit for the environment by using pouches rather than bottles. Our pouches use less energy to produce, reduce plastic usage and keep transport costs low.

  • Less sensitive for post workout skin
  • Anti-bacterial properties for exercise environments
  • Reduce chemicals in the water supply
  • Lower plastic content than plastic bottles
  • Low transport miles due to flat packaging
  • Lower energy in production due to low plastic content
  • Formulations not tested on animals
  • No supplied ingredients tested on animals
  • All Vegan ingredients
  • Better control over product quality
  • Lower distribution mileage
  • Supporting UK economy