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Hi there - I’m Jeremy!

Fit Kit Bodycare's story begins way back in 2010, but not as you’d expect. You see, I didn’t set out to start a business. I just needed to workout regularly after an arthritis diagnosis to keep myself healthy.

This was a big challenge for my body and I was constantly getting off track with my regime because poor recovery made it difficult to train.

I had to break this cycle, so I started using recovery products and vitamins that helped reduce soreness, aches and pains. This was working so I started making my own products using nutrients like Magnesium, CBD and Peppermint Oil which I combined with toiletries to make my recovery as time efficient as possible.

Through consistent proper recovery my body started feeling better after each session and so did my attitude to regular exercise. It was great. So great that I decided to take on personal training qualifications to learn about fitness and recovery so I could use the learnings in my products.

That’s the origins of Fit Kit and now I have effective and easy-to-use recovery solutions for people just like me and you.